Any news concerning the 522 available to all customers??


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Apr 12, 2004
Just wondering if anyone has heard any additional information when the 522 will be available to all customers? I have read posts saying the 522 will be available soon for all customers. Any input on this matter will be appreciated!

boba said:
From the 5/25 Retailler chat Charlie suggested about 3 mo. before they will be able to offer it.

From what I have read elsewhere it will still be a lease only deal even for current subs. At the Retailer chat it was also mentioned a current customer lease plan will be available soon for the 322, 510 and 811 too, these will be $49 and a 1 year commitment, and if you leave dish after your commitment you will need to return the equipment but get $25 back when you do. I am hoping and it may be wishful thinking that when the 522 becomes available it will be on the same plan as the 3 models above.

The only question I have on this new current customer lease plan is if it will be $49 down per account or per unit and will the 522 be under the same deal? However even if this is $49 per unit, if the 522 is included this will be a great deal.
Chris there will be four different plans from what was shown on the CChat it will depend on DISH'S history with the customer. The illustration they used was an A,B,C,D plan where a long time Americas Everything Customer with a good payment history will be offered the "A" upgrade the AT-60 customer with a spotty payment history would get the "D" upgrade. Dealers will only be able to upgrade their original customers and the dealer will have to access the website to find out what the customer qualifys for. It sounded like a lot of finiliazing was still to be done before we could offer it to customers.
I always wonder who my original dealer was since I purchased all my stuff from Sears and/or Dish directly.

I would guess that what also will determine 522 availability is how many 721's are still in the warehouse. I get the distinct impression they are trying to clear them out of inventory while they can.

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