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Jul 20, 2005
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Other than trying to open in iSpreadsheet or iMovie, no prob. Playing now. But what would be the best BT streaming method for the car?

Bob Haller

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Sep 11, 2003
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i had a motion detector light that at sundown powered up and wiped out e single channel i wanted. 1410 kqv. the engineering division ofthe station tried but was stumped too. till one night i was listening to the station, on a battery powered radio, noise and all till we had a neighborhood power failure. the interference disappeared......poof gone

next day the noise was back till i turned off my main breaker. after some troublehooting i turned off each breaker till the noise disappeared.....

finally found the noise creator. it was a nice but iffy motion control light. it was unstable in very cold temps. i put its remote detector on a tree to power up anytime someone came up the walk....

i tossed it in the trash, trimmed trees added a pole light so it was never pure black, removed a tiny trip hazard step and forgot about it till seeig this thread.

it was a challenge troubleshooting. at the time i was very proud to have figured it out..

but this solution started a new problem every now and then my pole lights dusk to dawn sensor would die for no apparent reason. the sensors dieing 3 to 4 times a year were a pricey nuisance. till one night i witnessed the failure. i was wallking out the driveway, the light in the pole came on, the bulb burned out in one of those white hot poofs, left me with a after image. i hustled and replaced the bulb.but the sensor had died...

i went to a CFL and it never died again. although i have a new sensor sitting on my desk. it must be 20 years since its last replacement, and the clear glass or plastic sensor window has turned obscure. so in the slitest shadow the light comes on.......

since i now use a LED bulp in that pole light energy saved may not matter

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