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Oct 3, 2003
I've finally set a deadline for myself. If I don't hear anything positive about the 522 being released to current subscribers, I'm switching on Monday. (D* answered an e-mail and soothed my fears about having one of my 3 intended IRDs in an RV and not hooked to a phone line.)

Sooooo, does ANYONE know anything about the 522 coming to us current subscribers?

Thanks, Bryan
A coworker is planning to switch from Comcrap to E* and wants a 522. The dealer he's working with says that they don't have any 522's and doesn't know when they'll get them. So even new customers aren't able to get one yet.
The 522 will not be released to general customers until next year.

For the moment they are only available to DHP customers.

I will have a 522 in my hands next week and will do a full review of it as soon as I can. :)
Thanks, guys. No need to wait until Monday to order my equipment then. <sigh> The 522 is a great concept and one that would have kept me with E* even though the competitor offers my locals and E* does not. rad knows of a new customer who can't get one and Scott, who tends to be ahead of the knowledge curve on E* stuff compared to us mere mortals, doesn't have one yet and reaffirms that I won't be able to get one until next year (at the soonest). As Pooh says, "Oh, bother."
I believe the real reason for the 322 and 522 is threefold.

1) There are not enough 322 and 522 units for everyone who wants them

2) Putting 2 tuner 2 output receivers in DHP homes save Dish the cost of putting 2 receivers in one home

3) DHP customers really get to beta test the 522 and the software will be greatly improved when released to the general public.
3) DHP customers really get to beta test the 522 and the software will be greatly improved when released to the general public.

E* should take up a term that Microsoft used when releasing Windows 2000. 'Release Candidate'. Since RC1-3 were availabe to the general public Dish could do the same thing. Call these RC machines available only to new Dish Home customers.

Just a thought.
I just talked to a DishNetwork custer service rep, who checked with her supervisor and was told that they (DN) were not offering the 522 yet (no surprise here) and that they do not know when it will be offered through them. However, she also said that the 522 should now be available for purchase through indep dealers, which would seem to indicate that it is indeed shipping. I told her I have not heard of any such thing, but she double checked and felt pretty confident on her answer.

My problem is that I just moved and need to sign up for either DTV or DN, (cable in my area is terrible), but currently DTV is out of their promotional Tivo units until sometime in January, and DN can only give me the single-tuner 510 and cannot promise that I will be able to easily upgrade to the 522 when it becomes available (in fact, she recommended not ordering DN until (and if) the 522 promotions are posted, as she was concerned that I would not be able to upgrade to the 522 at a reasonable cost.

Looks like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. At this point I don't care which service I go with as long as I can get a 2 tuner DVR at a reasonable cost. [/b]
I dont see how it is really saving Dish any money when they do not get the $5 additional outlet fee unless Dish does not make anything off of that additional outlet fee and has to pay all of it to NagraVision.
Well, I ventured over to Circuit City, and while DirecTV is out of Tivo units, CC is not. As such, I decided to bite the bullet and I purchased a DirecTV system. Sorry DishNetwork, but the deal was to good pass. I purchased a 2 room setup, including the dish, one receiver and one Hughes DVR unit for right around $50 (after a CC $100 mail-in rebate). They also threw in $100 of free pizza from Domino's (there goes the diet).

To purchase the same setup (albeit the 510 one tuner DVR) from DishNetwork would have been $150 more (unless you just want to lease the equipment).
Wow, $100 in free pizza to boot, seems pretty good to me. The thing about these deals is that if they are good enough its sure worth trying even if it was not exactly what you was wanting to get if you can later sell the hardware and go with the other brand you was planning to go with in the first place, especially when it almost or actually does pay you to take one over the other. They probably dont have $100 in that pizza deal, probably buy the deals in bulk to get a deal with Dominoes on that.
StevenT said:
To purchase the same setup (albeit the 510 one tuner DVR) from DishNetwork would have been $150 more (unless you just want to lease the equipment).

Not to put down your deal,
BUT you are wrong about the $150 cost from DishNetwork.

• Pay just $49.99
• Receive a $49.99 credit on your first bill,
making your system FREE!
• 1 dish antenna
• 1 DISH Player – DVR 510
• 2 DISH 301 receivers
• FREE Standard Professional Installation

PLUS 3 months free programing
Receive $49.99 Credits apply to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th months of service
A total savings of $149.97!


FREE is FREE ,have no idea where you got that $150 for Dish compared to Direct.(so that free pizza wasn'y so free)
Look on our main page here for the above deal cheeper. :)

Also be on the lookout for companies claiming to offer this FREE Then Charging you HIGH SHIPPING prices.

When you order from the DishStore.NET site you don't need to wait two days for your certificate to arrive by mail, we will generate a certificate for you the same day and send it to you via email!

After yuou get the certificate you call the 800 number to schedule your install! You could be watching TV by tommorow! (While the other places your still waiting for your certificate to arrive) :)

Plus you purchase helps supports this site. :)
Actually its the high handeling charge they add onto the shipping charge but most people think of it as high shipping because they look at it as the cost of getting the product shipped. Isn't it illegal to make money strictly off of the shipping from a carier if handeling is not mentioned if it was considered just for shipping?
Scott Greczkowski said:
Plus you purchase helps supports this site. :)

Why don't you folks sell D* equipment? Given my druthers, I druther support your site (as I do enjoy reading the posts) but, unless it's staring me in the face and I'm missing it, I didn't see any D* stuff so I bought elsewhere.


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