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Nov 4, 2003
Providence Forge, VA
I currently have a StarBand dish but I am not using StarBand anymore as digital cable finally arrived in my area so I have changed to a cable modem. My question is can the StarBand dish be modified with dishpro lnb’s and used in place of the SuperDish. I would really like to get the local stations, that just became available in my area, and drop regular cable but Dish is talking Feb for install dates.



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Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
I dont know where you would find a DishPro FSS lnbf for the 105 satellite other than buying it from Dish Network if they even sell that one lnbf seperately.

You could setup a legacy SuperDish. People have been posting of how their legacy SuperDish's have been working for them. The good thing about them is that they will work with legacy or DishPro receivers and you can buy a FSS lnbf for 105 from different suppliers.

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