Anyone catch Whoopi or Happy Family?

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Sep 7, 2003
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Whoopi - The premise- A former famous singer opens a hotel, her unemployed lawyer brother is staying there, he has a white girlfriend who acts and talks like she's African American, and a handyman from Iran.

I found it was hard to get through. The handyman with all the Arab references had the funniest moments.

My verdict- If they give it some time, it may gel, but I think this one will be cancelled.

Happy Family The premise- A couple thinks their youngest misfit dumb son has finally graduated college and is out of the house, and life will be great. They find out that he never did graduate, he is now going to move in with the older divorced lady next door. On top of that, their oldest son which they are most proud of, is cheating on his fiance, and loves them both. Their daughter just has no social life.

This show has some potential. John Laraquotte is great, and with all the supporting characters, they have many potential storylines.

My verdict- I can see this one making it through the season.

Just my 2 cents.
Whoopi's black victim comedy has worn out its welcome on my TV. She can make any stereotypical comment and nobody blinks. I watched Game Show Funniest Moments last week and found her joke to be so typical of her.
Q: What does the term APB mean?
A: Always pull-over blacks
Enough already Whoopi!
Anyone catch "Whoopi" or "American Family&quo

Could it also be the time slot the show is in? I can still feel the sting of Emeril Lagasse's attempt at acting with his NBC sitcom in 2001. No offense, Emeril, but your show sucked! Thank goodness you've still got your day job! :)
I missed the first two shows, then saw NBC was repeating them last night. My wife and I both liked em, so we'll probaly tape it, as we'll be watching 8 Simple rules... RIP John Ritter, you will be missed.
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