Anyone ever use Blu Tack to hold a speaker in place? (1 Viewer)


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May 29, 2006
Lower Alabama
Seems to come well recommended.

In the past, Ive used 3M velcro stuck to the two front feett on my ProCenter 2000, but that adhesive can mark furniture. The problem with these speakers is, they have an adjustable rubber foot in the center of the back side, and the two little feet on the front are very slick. With vibration this thing can rotate/slide on slick entertainment centers.

Since Im wall mounting the tv, the center is coming out of it's hole to the top of the ent center, which should make it sound better for a couple of reasons. A couple of magazines have recommended this stuff and it appears to not mark up furniture like the velcro adhesive would. If i do not use something, Im pretty sure the ProCenter will not stay put.

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