Anyone have an OLED?

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  1. Given the content that most have to suffer for the bulk of their viewing (most of it nowhere near Blu-ray quality), competent processing is surely a priority for many.
  2. Its not like the LG processing is bad though... And I disgaree with Sony's HDR tone mapping choice once nits exceed its ability, where the LG dims the screen and holds detail up to 2000 nits on test patterns, the Sony just clips everything. There is a part in B v S where there is electricity near Bruce Wayne, on the LG the image dims some but all the detail is there, the Sony image is brighter, but his white shirt clips detail. Id prefer to watch HDR in a dark room and have the detail.

    Here is a good post from a Calman employee, who has plenty of experience. People are complaining why the LED's were not put into hyperdrive mode to win the bright room contest. One hint, accuracy:

  3. Have the Sony OLED and high end LCD received the DV update?
  4. Alas, not everyone can retire from family life to their dedicated home theater to watch movies.
  5. I got a kick out of the comment about curved displays.

    The comment about 1080p performance wasn't lost on me. Most of what I watch will be HD of widely variable quality for quite a while yet.
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  6. Sony is def better at video processing than LG, but the cost difference is real too.
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  7. How would you say things have changed as far as improvements and price points compared to when this thread started?
  8. Much cheaper when sales go on, like summer, Nov and Jan/Feb.

    Better near black and overall image uniformity

    HDR and WCG have improved every year

    Web OS is great for streaming Amazon, UHD, Netflix (Dolby Vision)

    Much brighter in 2017 than 2015

    Calibration controls have been improved
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  9. Hopefully there will be fewer compromises as time goes by and the choices will be more about quality and convenience than whether or not a TV will support this or that standard and what it makes of poor quality content (or, particularly problematic of late, content that is shot to look "poor").
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  10. Just watched some Power Ranger (blu-ray) in Dolby Vision, pretty surprising how good the stock mode looks because you cant make much adjustment on the 2016, you have DV Dark and DV Bright. it looks more natural than HDR10, maybe, but seems to have less pop. Maybe because the OLED is at max light in HDR mode. I have to think being handled frame by frame instead of a static nit targer there is more potential here.
  11. Well, I am done with the back and forth routine. Gonna pull the trigger in the next 7-14 days on a 65" C7, and get it calibrated for SDR, HDR10 and DV before it ships from Value Electronics. They have added DV cal to the list of options now for the LG's, and I am assuming for the Sony's once they get the update.

    This is good because my E6 has a great soundbar built it, and I will put it in a second room where I dont have any speakers.

    Got a good explanation on the DV cal process. The sets look pretty good as is because the file for the DV engine is based off measured factory averages. What you do know, with the new version of Calman and the 2017 LG OLED is, take measurements for your specific panel, and then update the engine so instead of using factory averages, it is using the exact data from your panel in the DV mapping engine. All that is left after that is enjoy DV!
  12. Oh, and FW started rolling out to 2016's adding HLG abilities.
  13. Are any companies updating firmware after a couple of years have passed?
  14. I think you get some the following year, but 2 years out, not sure.
  15. New OLED on the scene. LG has released a B7A, which is different from the B7P that is at Costco and Sams. The B7P is basically a C7 for membership stores and pricing is similar.

    The B7A is starting to become available and runs several hundred less than the C7. They left off the Atmos ability and extra speaker design in the tv (BS anyways if you ask me), so the have some cost reduction in that and no Atmos fee. Really confusing, but the B7A will offer even better pricing for people wanting to go OLED.