Anyone know what this is?


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Jun 25, 2005
Chicago, IL
So I used an expensive stud finder and I was able to find the device below in my wall. I'm assuming this is hooked to the OTA antenna on the roof but why are there two rg59 cables and what am I supposed to interface to it with? I have googled some but have not found this thing. Unfortunately I loaned out my compression crimpers/ends/strippers this weekend or I would try and find out if it truly is OTA.

Pics are from an iphone so they are not the best quality.



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Only a guess but it looks like a 300ohm wall plate for TV antenna. Are you sure that is RG 59 coax cable looks more like a foam core high end 300 ohm flat lead cable, probably 20 years old.
winegard made a lot of those and seen a lot of them in older commercial buildings, hospitals schools and nursing homes with lots of jacks supposed to be a tap and have no loss as there is no spl;itter, seemed to work well back in the analog days, my aunt had one in her apt building when I connected her tv up to the antenna. She has cable now so I dont know how well they work for digital but prob would work fine.

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