Anyone own a RCA DRD486?

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May 3, 2004
Looking for info about the 486. I am interested in getting it for the component video connection. Can anyone tell me if it is any better than the 435 and does it have the same layout for the info banner and the guide? A screen shot of both would be nice if anyone could take one please.
I've put in a few of both. The ONLY differences between the 435 & 486 is the following: (the guide/displays are the SAME)

UHF remote
component video out
7-day instant guide (435 is 3-day)
coax & optical Dolby digital out (note the "digital output" on the 435 does NOT output a Dolby digital signal - not really sure what the point of it being there is to begin with...)
Thanks dssrich. I see that there are quite a few people who dislike the RCA models, what are your thoughts on them?
Well, personally I don't seem to have too many problems with them. While my favorite units are the Hughes units, the RCA's, IMHO run a close second - they actually have many similarities. Also, the RCA IS the only UHF D* being made, so that sometimes will influence one's decision on choice of receiver. I don't care too much for the interface on the Phillips or Samsung units. (non-DVR receivers,of course)

But, I have not overall installed as many as many dealers have. I will say that on Claude's board, there are several that dislike them as well, from a reliability standpoint. And, I did have a rash of DRD505 3rd gen receivers that all of a sudden started pixelating & freezing up. The customers just ended up buying new units anyway, so it was not that big of deal. But, these newer units all seem to be more reliable than previous ones, so I would not be conerned about getting one of these newest units - I'd take a gamble on these anyday over some of the junky E* receivers being sold these days.
It is over and done now, I got the 486. Hooked up the component cables and it works just fine. I would say a slight improvement over s-video but an improvement none the less. I am satisfied.
what is a UHF remote exactly?

And what is the story with this model and the RF Remote Antenna that the manual says is needed to plug in the back in order to use the Remote from another room and thru walls. Is this antenna included with the receiver? I have not found this type of antenna anywhere on the internet, so i hope it is. Or is an RF remote antenna even needed for this remote to perform this function?

Here is the manual to this receiver:
The 486 comes with the RF remote which has a small antenna which you attach to the back of the receiver. It will work as infared or RF. The main anvantage is that it will replace the RCA "cones" as you do not have to point the remote at the receiver for it to operate. It is a neat extra but not a necessity.
oh ok. so the antenna comes with the package and you plug it into the back? it doesn't mention that it comes with it in the manual.
Yes the antenna comes with the 486. I have this reciever and I think it works great. It attaches on the back with an " F" connector just like the coax cable and allows you to change channels or what ever approx 100' away thru walls and floors.
I just installed one of these for my parents; they had been using S-Video on their old receiver. It's the first time they've ever used the component inputs; the PQ is outstanding on their 35" RCA. BTW, the RF remote works well, even without the antenna attached.
Do any installers carry this model? I'm trying to sign up through Verizon because of their DirecTV/Phone service bundle deal, but they can't find any installers that have this in stock in my area (Los Angeles). I don't want to buy it in a retail store like Circuit City cause I'd have to pay full price for the receiver or have to sign up with them instead of Verizon to get the good deal on it.
If no installers have it in stock in your area they should be able to order it. It is a common item.
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