Anyone using the Leaf antenna?


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Jul 4, 2004
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Is anyone using the Mohu leaf antenna? I picked up one of these to try out. It seems to work pretty well with my TV sets. I am thinking of picking up a Tivo to use with it with the eventual goal being getting rid of DirecTV. I was wondering if anyone else out there was doing something similar.

For anyone who is wondering, I have been testing this with a Samsung 32" TV, and I have had no problems getting clear, consistent reception. I am about 25 miles from the farthest transmitter I need to pick up, and I get 60-90% signal according to the Samsung TV. I recommend trying this if you are in the same situation and want to get OTA.

I am picking some used Tivos today to try out with the leaf. I understand Tivos don't have the greatest tuners, so it should be a good test.
Hooked the leaf up to my newly acquired used Tivo HD. I get anywhere between 70-100 signal strength on the local stations even when rainy like it was yesterday. I highly recommend the leaf if anyone lives within 30 miles of their transmission source. It is not a very directional antenna, as I tried turning it 90 degrees and signal only dropped about 5% on all stations. Both VHF (channel 11) and UHF come in just fine. I think I've got a winner that will allow me to drop D* in fall of 2012. :)
It looks like hooking this up to my distribution panel causes enough signal loss that I am going to have to add a distribution amp. Signals drop from 70s to 60s on the lower power stations, although PBS still comes in at 100%. Does anyone have a recommendation for this type of application? I want to be able to boost signal on some stations without overboosting others.

Well, everyone I asked said to get a CM7777 for this application, but I could not find one locally, so I picked up a Wineguard HDA-200 to try. So far, it is working well. It boosted the signal to acceptable levels in the room I can test in. Today I hope to be able to test the rest of the house. :)
I've never used a better indoor antenna. I just scanned in 47 channels. The main ones I watch are pristine! Great product. I would be surprised if the powered version adds that much unless you are really in a marginal area, and then the improvement will be marginal. At least that has been my experience with any powered indoor antenna, but then I never experienced an non-power one this good.
I just ordered the Amplified Leaf Antenna. I hope it will be better then the one I have now for signal strength. Right now I have a Radio Shack it's a box antenna I pay 50 bucks for it last year. Be happy if I can boost the signal 10 to 15 stronger with the Leaf.

I'm very curious about this one. It's $35.99 on Amazon right now. Anyone have experience using it with a Dish 722 receiver? I'm also curious about mounting options. How big a deal would it be to just hang it on the wall behind the TV?
I have tried it. For me it worked well on UHF stations in DC ( not too far away)but failed to tune in the local stations broadcasting from 7 and 9. Interestingly it pulls in a low power analog station at Ch.6 (really aradio station with video from silent movies).
I hate to resurrect an older thread but I'm impressed with what the Mohu Leaf has done for my Dad. Since he no longer pastors a church we have become much closer and he has picked up some of my interests. He's been wanting to cut the cable then get a marginal package (like Welcome Pack) for really cheap but has an interest in subchannels. He asked me about the Leaf and I told him to stay away from it as we are about 55 - 60 miles away from most of the towers in Atlanta (north of the city in the mountains). Eh, he went and bought it anyways except he got the amplified one.

He called me Thursday evening at work asking me to get it setup for him (or at least make sure he was doing it right). :) I was shocked at the results. He got the Big 4 and the substations out of Atlanta with around a 70 signal. We have two PBS affiliates with a tower much closer and they came in at 100. The most shocking thing to me (though the reception is choppy depending on weather) was pulling in CBS 12 from Chattanooga (about 80 - 85 miles away) and FOX 21 from Greenville (about 85 miles). He's very happy and I'll be picking one up this week to see my results (he lives in a valley and I live on top of a hill - distances would be the same). I'll let everyone know how it turns out.
OK, and I'm re-resurrecting the thread (is that possible, LOL)? Since I live in the same general area, I'm very curious about the results you got. Any problems getting WXIA or WGTV (ch 8)? I know both of those are on VHF...

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