Anyone watched CBS Class?

Yeah, I watched it last night. I think the word "potential" captures it well. Worth a second look. There are very few 30 minute sitcoms that I watch anymore - its as if the genre is dying...
dfergie said:
I watched it from the West feed Monday and enjoyed it, will watch again for sure... Still makes me mad that they kill Yes Dear and Still Standing though...
Those shows were ok, but I'm bummed ABC killed Invasion. It's always hard to guage a new show after only one or two viewings, but The Class gets a :down in my book.
I am liking The Class more and more each week. Its cool to see Jason Ritter doing some physical comedy; his other role in Joan of Arcadia, had him in a wheel chair. This show is really bringing out his similarites to his father. The more I watch it, the more I see John Ritter from Three's Company.
I caught two episodes on Saturday - pretty funny show.

Also, cool that it's supposed to be in Philly - all the local town/cities mentions are neat to hear.
dfergie said:
The Stop sign scene was hilarious... This one is a keeper ;)

Yeah, that was great. We did the same thing the gay guy did; we hit rewind about three times!

I also liked when the wheelchair took off in the wind.
CBS is swapping time with "how I met your mother" starring October 9th. The Class will be in the 8:30pm slot and "how I met your mother" on the 8pm slot.
tried watching it.

skipped it.

but then again the alternatives are deal or no deal and wife swap
Saw last night on a upconverted 4:3 (gotta love the Denver CBS; they can't record stuff in HD. so we got an upconverted version. I thought the episode was ok, but not as funny as the last three episods. Although the last scene added some complexity, with the loser guy having a wife!
The Futon Critic reports that CBS has ordered four more scripts for The Class.

Personally, I am glad. I think its funny.

Re-run this week, but Hurricane episode is pretty funny. Well worth watching just for the scene with the reporter and the stop sign...



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