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Nov 3, 2005
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Watched the first episode last week. I thought it was pretty funny. Think quirky, female Columbo. I’ll keep watching.
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Yeah, I wonder how a lawyer from the Good Wife suddenly becomes a detective in this show? But she is funny and I do like the show. I liked her as the waitress in HBO True Blood too. They even had her co-star from that show in the first episode and he played Bill the vampire in True Blood. :biggrin2
She’s not really a Detective, she just does that Elsbeth thing of hers. She was a great lawyer by picking up on those clues that got dropped during trial.
We’re continuing to watch. Murder Detective shows seem to have settled into two lanes: in one lane, we are presented with a murder and pick up the clues along with the Detective; in the other, we meet the murderer and the murdered, learn why and how the murder occurred, then watch as the Detective figures out what we already know. Since “Elsbeth” takes the second lane, the entertainment value in this show is Elsbeth being Elsbeth. But!

Like most of the shows that the Producers have made, there is the background mystery to solve, and that is definitely in the first lane. We are figuring it out along with Elsbeth. So you get your laughs in the first 80% of the episode (the “Murder of the Week”), and need to pay attention for the rest.
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