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Apr 21, 2004
I have a signal strength of 100 -105 in all the tree satellites ( Dish network). But some times I get "Aquiring satellite signal" often say 5 to 6 times in 10 minutes and some times once in one hour. I have a clear sky and no obstrction to the dish. Would there be any kind of disturbance or inteference? Please help me.
coolguy said:
I have a signal strength of 100 -105 in all the tree satellites

Though you said you had no "Trees" in the way???

Check your install on this one, sounds like there could be some RG59 somewhere, splitters, or a bad conection on one of your ends. If that all checks out then I would suspect the LNB. Tell us more, receiver type LNB type, new cables etc.
It also could be the satellite receiver that sounds like some of the problems we had with early 501 receivers where they had some tuner problems.
If your configuration includes a twin DishPro lnb, I'd check the lot number on the label. Dish Network has a large number of bad twin DishPro lnb's Lot No. CSS9601. They are still replacting them with free service calls.

This sounds like the likely problem, if you have one of these twin lnb's.
It would help if you listed the receivers you are seeing this one. This is a common problem with the 6000 and 811 and happens if you sit on a OTA channel for a long time and then switch to a Satellite channel.
I was having the same problem with my system. I got some good advice and changed out the cable because I found out that for the past 7 years I had RG59 instead of RG6. I went from the high 60s, low 70s to well over the 80s. I have had NO dropouts or "finding satellite" since. I was really amazed. The only problem now is I have to do the other bird,110, because it is acting up.
I had an issue with a 301 receiver that would pick up all channels on 110 and 119 just fine but on 105 it would pick up the odd transponders fine but on the even ones it would pixellate really bad. The signal was 89-90%. I swapped it out with another 301 receiver and it did not do that. This is very odd, seems as if the receiver could not handle it all or something.

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