XM or Sirius Radio Antenna

Thank you for your response.

I work for a company, which installs low voltage systems (one of the elements of which may be a satellite radio) for open construction. For the objective reasons, it is hard (and in many cases cost ineffective) to have a special 50 Ohm extension pulled to the attic at the time of rough-in.

Much better to use some standard cable such as RG6 quad shield cable, listed for 2.4 GHz, since all installers have plenty of it in their trucks.

I am also looking for another solution, which will also allow to worry less about the length of the cable. I am talking about baluns, or any other trick.

If such an approach is feasible, then the standard pre-wire will cost low for the customer. The satellite radio becomes an option and we have a back up plan for connection cable to the antenna.

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