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Dec 1, 2003
I am currently a member of the DHP. I have 1 508 and 3 301's. I was looking to upgrade to a 721. Are there any current promotions through Dish or any retailer that would allow me to get a 721 and return one of my 301's. (would prefer to return one of my 301's, but if need be, I may consider sending back the 508)

If I am not able to get a discount through any current promotions, what would a 721 go for.

Finally, if I do get a 721 and keep my 508, is there anyway to transfer any of the stored stuff on my 508 to the 721



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Sep 7, 2003
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There are currently no promotions on getting a 721. The only way you could transfer data from a 508 to a 721 is to use a computer and it would be more complex that what some would think and would void the warranty.

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