Are You Vooming Again On Dish Yet?

Sorry to hear that you're not Voomin' again yet Vickie.

It's been a good VOOM week since the install on Monday. Guy TV kicked off this week with two James Spader films; "Dream Love" and " Driftwood." "Driftwood" was weird, kind of a cross between "Misery" and "Psycho." I miss the fish on Moov as my grand kids liked to see them. (The one time I would tolerate someone touching the screen but don't worry I have a screen guard.) But we'll have them by next year.

It's good to see new productions on Equator like "Over Germany" and some new SMART TRAVELS programs. Just trying to get used to the new Dish remote. But I have transfered a lot of the functions to my Universal remote which helps.

But like seandudley I wish we had TMC-HD, STARS-HD, CINEMAX-HD. (maybe later)

Good to read comments from the song goes:

"What we what we need forever." (Let's hope the arrangement with Dish lasts that long)
Installer was slow as molasses (took almost 4 hours to run 1 coax and install two Dish 500s and a DP34 switch), but did a good clean job. I'm Vooming once again! Funny Story, the installer has DirecTV HD, due to a very large tree in his yard, and was impressed with the PQ (this was only his 5th HD install). Needless to say, I wasn't at all impressed with the HD. Stuffed $25 in the installers hand and gave him the bums rush out the door as soon as I signed the paperwork. Unlike the VOOM receiver (first DBS provider), I did no prior homework prior to using the 811 and 942. Both receivers were easy to operate without having read the manuals; using many of the 942s DVR feature within minutes.

Anyway, I quickly scanned digital OTA channels and remapped them to their PSP channel numbers. I went into setup and quickly noticed the installer had set the output to 480p on all receiver - changed to 1080i and Viola! PQ is the 811s is comparable to VOOM, but I haven't had much time to review since I am too busy enjoying the 942...the PQ on the 942 is stunning!!!

No time to talk...gotta get back to VOOM and the 942. :D
Tvlman, Riffjim4069, and other happy campers...oooh, ooohh,'s getting more hypnotic all the time...I do need my VoOm, but I'm just still stuck on bad stories I've heard (the most recent, which was totally unsolicited at a personal event just before VoOm died, where HDTV was not even on the agenda!). Scared me more than some of the horror stories I've seen on this site! :eek:

I'll always keep checking in and keeping track of how the former VoOmers are feeling about Dish, but I still think I'm going to continue to deny myself for a while, and see how things shake out with others...not that I ever have to worry about my rinky-dink cable provider ever getting into the act... :mad:

I'm really glad to hear that many of you are enjoying having at least part of VoOm back, and I hope the other channels show up for you soon...and that the story still has an even happier ending... :)

I remain, Little Mary Sunshine...wiping away gallons of tears... the moment anyway... :) Vicki
Vooming on E* for one week also. They need too add all 21 HD now. Got 2 811 now and will replace one next week with a 942.
I'm on my third satellite provider in as many months and, to be honest, I'm happy where I ended up. I was so excited to be part of the grand Voom experiement, and am now quite glad to continue enjoying at least part of the programming...but now I have a solid DVR and every SD channel I ever had, plus perks like Sirius and Interactive (which D* ditched almost 2 yrs ago and bummed me out). The 942 OTA tuner/guide issues notwithstanding (I'm sure they'll get ironed out), it's also feeling like a step up hardware wise--i.e. it's very nice to have solid search options and flexible timers back in my set-tops.

I think my only big longings are for the channels many others here are missing, particularly UHD and StarzHD. Hopefully we'll get those soon--most likely when MPEG-4 hits though (I wager 8-10mo). Love to be surprised with early launch on 61.5 as a temp placement until MPEG-4, however ;).
Tvlman said:
I miss the fish on Moov as my grand kids liked to see them. (The one time I would tolerate someone touching the screen but don't worry I have a screen guard.) But we'll have them by next year.

The DishNetwork HiDef Demo channel (#9443) shows fish in aquariums at night!!!!
keno said:
Vooming? I really don't think people are "Vooming" on Dish. They're watching some of the exclusive Voom channels. Voom was a satellite company that carried a whole range of HD channels, including Starz east and West, TNT, and so much more (all for about $80 per month). Don't fool yourself. You're not Vooming. You're "Dishing" and watching some of the Voom channels.
Thank you I could not have said it better my self.. I am waiing to see what Direct has to say in June I am stuck with TWC and it S@#ks.. I always thought that the HD net programs would be worth watching but they repeat more than Family channel with flipper all week long..
Richard RD: Thanks for the note on the "Fish" channel. It's great!

DOG6869: No such thing as being "stuck" with cable. Why? Cause there's no COMMITMENT! You can cut loose anytime! Unless you have no LOS for satellite.

Now that I'm VOOMING again I'm beginning to miss channels like KUNG FU, WORLD CINEMA and WORLD SPORT. Can't wait until they get added and I hope it's soon!
Yes I'm back too after install of DISH last Friday, then adding VOOM programing last night! Thought this was going to be a 12 to 18 month wait, but DISH surprised us all! The 942 is state-of-the-art, and DISH (would never have believed it) has the most HD with HD PQ as good or better than VOOM had. I now feel I have it all back with a HD DVR that rocks, too.
Nope, not vooming again with Dish.

This whole thing of having having 2 dish for 3 satellites which appears to be in a transition of having programming shuffled around to these and other satellites(re-aiming dishes?and line of sight issues), a DVR that although works has a finite life as the switch to MPEG 4 is around the corner and then all the issues with the 942's replacement working with MPEG 4(not to mention that you still have to pay the $250 for the 942 with no guarantee that Dish will absorb the MPEG4 conversion cost) has me in a state of not wanting to bother with all of it. Its like its one or two things over the top to bother with. If Dish could put all the HD programming and the main national channels on Rainbow 1 (and not move Rainbow 1), I'd sign up for Dish and the 942 today. But that's not the case.

I learned yesterday that my cable provider has just introduced their HD DVR for $7.00 a month with no extra charge for HD programming. At least with them, there is no committment or up front equipment cost. If they somehow get into this mpeg 4 conversion in a year it would be at their expense, not mine.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't believe that the conversion to MPEG 4 is going to be smooth. After being a beta tester of sorts for Voom(not intentionally, mind you) for so many months, I'll wait till after the conversion takes place and the bugs are ironed out, then look at it again.
I was authorized yesterday. Although I'm very happy to have 15 more HD channels, including HDNET and HDNET Movies, which I had never seen before. It's somehow not as appealing as Voom was. I still miss Universal HD. I sure hope to get ESPN2 HD before College Football arrives.
voomvoom said:
....It's somehow not as appealing as Voom was. I still miss Universal HD. I sure hope to get ESPN2 HD before College Football arrives.

Yep, we were so spoiled!!! :) I am still not vooming, although I am trying to bring up the second dish. I already had this dish for one or two locals, but it went out some time last year. However, couldn't get a lock. Wondering if my 64 switch has a problem. But 110 and 119 coming in fine thru the switch, so I doubt that it just affect the last 2 inputs (5 and 6). But who knows.... Will play a little more tomorrow with it....
I'm vooming again thanks to my new 942. I love RAVE, the other channels I can live with out but for $5 I think that is a good price. I'm using a dpp44 switch to get 148, 110, 119 and 61.5. Working great after the duplicate channel fix of 225.
kspeters said:
I'm vooming again thanks to my new 942. I love RAVE, the other channels I can live with out but for $5 I think that is a good price. I'm using a dpp44 switch to get 148, 110, 119 and 61.5. Working great after the duplicate channel fix of 225.

How many satellite dishes does this take? East or west coast??
I am VOOMing again and loving the experince with my new 942. It is one amazing picture on both SD and HD. It is significantly better pq than with VOOM. The DVR 942 really rocks for versatility and quality it delivers. I am told it has the latest video driver which enhances video. I am loving it even if I had to take down a tree to have the Superdish see its satellites.
Sounds like he has 3 dishes: 61.5, 148, and a Dish 500 for 110/119

He MUST be on the west coast, the locals for the West coast are mostly on the 148 dish. 61.5 is for the VOOM HD channels...

I thought DN still had a bug that would not allow both a 61.5 and a 148 dish, I guess they must have fixed it...

I'm finally back in business again as dish couldn't figure out how to hook up the ota antenna that voom had supplied. I got it all working now and have all my local ota channels back, dish's hd and the voom channles. I have two 811's feeding a 51" rptv and a 31" lcd.
Vooming again

Well I negotiated the Dish CSR rapids and with the help of and a local retailer I am now linked to littleVoom now.

I've an 811 and 942 with all my locals as before. The Voom large dish and OTA Channel Master were re-used.

Now to learn the new systems and remotes. Not as intuitive as the Voom or even the Dtv I was used to. PQ overall just as good as before.

Some Voom makes me miss the rest even more: Family Room, World Cinema, World Sport and even Lab. Especially having seen the new bumpers, I'm still thinking we'll never see the full 21 again but I hope Dish rolls out a few more.

For you long time Dish subs...
Why does Dish have soooo many "educational" and religious channels included/cluttering their packages? Why not treat them like the internationals and make these separate groups a $5+ add on? Do that many of you watch these on a daily basis?

For a DBS that requires way too many dishes, more than one, to get their programming it seems to get and keep especially the apt/town-home subs they need to greatly reorganize and refocus their offerings.

Bottom line though, I get my Vooms-HDN weather and Anamania for another year at least with very little up front cost and over paying for my US service the least I could. The DVR percs are the spoon full of sugar to make it all go down easier and the wait for the return of a Voom like service seem shorter.
I was able to modify my existing Voom dish and got locked into the Voom channels lastnight. After I showed my dish installer how to get my OTA amplified ant hooked up he gave me the parts I needed to hack my original voom dish - ie I hooked in for payment of the monthly $5 subscription fee.
Sean, somewhere I read you had issues with the Voom channels on the 6000. What kind of issues did you have? Are those resolved? Don't want to activate the box if there are issues with it.

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