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Jul 15, 2004
OK, my local installer came and got me Vooming again. But picture quality
seems not as good as with VOOM (both OTA and sat).
Here's what he did:

My west coast VOOM dish is way up on the roof along with the wingard
antenna and it was diplexed with VOOM. The new installer
didn't want to climb up, so he installed the dish500 (legacy) on my balcany
and ran a seperate line all the way . (line A )
Then he unplugged the VOOM line from the voom receiver diplexer, and used
a small cheap looking splitter to split that into an antenna line, and into the
61.5 sat line. He then dircetly plugged the antenna line from this splitter into
the antenna input of 811. He also took the 61.5 sat line and used a SW21
switch to combine that with line A from dish500, and plugged that into the
"sat" input on the 811.

I didn't think it'll work, but to my surprise this setup works, and I am able to
pick up all the digital OTA (there are a lot in the SF bay area) I was getting
with the VOOM receiver.

My observations after spending many hours with dish now:
a) With VOOM, my OTA's looked exceptional but now they all seemed
to have lost their punch and seem softer in comparison.
b) Even with other HD channels including VOOM ones, I'm seeing
little less vibrancy and punch and brilliant colors I saw with VOOM.
OTA difference is much more however.

What could be the reason for this ? Could it be the splitter ?
Anything else I can try to improve the picture ?

thx to all
Look in your menu (Menu -> 6 -> 1 -> 9) and make sure your TV setting is not 480p. Some installers leave it at the default, and you don't get HD.
No the menu setup is correct at 1080i.
I have lot of problems with this receiver. It won't let me
make favorites anymore and my lists dissappear etc.
I called dish and they are replacing the 811 although
not sure it'll help.
Do I need to add an external power source to the antenna
input at the receiver ?
Seems to me the VOOM pictures are a little sharper and clearer since they went DISH.
Be glad when they get the other half of VOOM up and running.
Something is definitely wrong with your settings or your 811. Dumb question, you are viewing via the component input and not S-Video? Others have said component is even better than DVI on the 811.
I'm using component. What's S-video anyway :)
It wasn't like my VOOM channels look so bad, but I think
it was a bit sharper with VOOM. Mostly however, my OTA
was definitely better with VOOM receiver.
I am not very happy with the 811 receiver, it's not letting
me create favorites anymore and lost all my settings.
and it continues to lose OTA channels from the list randomly.
I complained to dish and they're sending me another 811,
although I'm not sure it'll fix my issues.

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