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Mar 24, 2004
Since many Fox affiliates are upconverting to 720p right now, this counts as HDTV talk. Fox is airing the fabled lost episode of Arrested Developement Sunday at 8:30 EDT. Catch what might well be the last episode ever of the best show on TV from this past year, IMO.
madpoet said:
I thought they said it was coming back....
I hadn't heard that. I'm glad if it is. I just knew it was in limbo, and it didn't appear too promising that they never aired an entire episode.
Awe man. I hope they don't cancel that show. I loved that show. I don't understand how they can put a show on at 9:30 on Sunday night and kill it when it's not gangbusters. Most of my friends have never heard of the show. It was may favorite show on TV last year.
It was by far the best show I've seen on TV in the last 5 years. If Fox doesn't bring this back, someone else will. Comedy Central would be a great place to continue this show, and they've proven their shows can get national attention. It would fit in nicely with The Chapelle Show, Reno 911, and The Daily Show.
It will be back for a second season right after the Simpsons on Sunday nights this fall. I also thought this was a really funny show. I hope they think of doing it in HD. :yes
Yeah, I just read the same thing and I'm so happy it's coming back. I can't wait to see the original season finally and the lost "Pilot" episode this Sunday.
I'm still sore over Wonderfalls... I really dug that show ;(. But then, I like "Dead Like Me" and it has the same writers I think.
That show is so freakin funny. Plus, we now know Maybe likes George Michael. Kissing cousins on Network TV?

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