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Jun 26, 2006
Travelers Rest SC
Brian I need some advice here. After a power flicker ASC1 lost all it's info. I reloaded the latest firmware[ witch it did not have] and loaded the sat list from your site. Last night using it as a standalone mover I programmed 83-101W. Moved back and forth fine all night. Today I go to put the rest of the arc in and tried to move back to 83 my true south. Nothing happened, when I looked everything saved last night that worked fine is gone. All sats show position as 007. Any ideas?
Which loader did you use Comptech? Did you perform a global reset before loading the channel list?
After loading the new firmware I used loader 2.0. but did not do a global reset before loading my channel list. Do you think this could be the problem even though it worked last night?
Sounds like the unit may have had a boot error after the power outage restart. Never have observed a unit lose memory. Was the unit powered off last night after reprogramming?

Did you power cycle the rear master power switch after the firmware update? Master power switch cycle after the channel list install? There might have been some memory allocations not cleared if not power cycled after updates.

Snow camping in the mountains with intermittent data service this weekend, so may be delayed in replies.
Do you think this could be the problem even though it worked last night?
It is very possible. Sometimes odd bits are left in EEPROM. Try doing a global reset to reset the registers in the EEPROM, among other things.
Then load the downloaded list back in. See what it does over night tonight. I wouldn't go crazy adding the whole arc, but add a few birds and then have a look at it in the morning.
No biggie Brian enjoy your camping. I will start over tomorrow and see what happens. I can still move the dish using my channel list if I have to.
Thanks Michael, will try that. By the way how does it feel to be able to breathe again? I know it is a hundred times better here now on the other side of the mountain.
Thanks Michael, will try that. By the way how does it feel to be able to breathe again? I know it is a hundred times better here now on the other side of the mountain.
Yes, it is much better here also. I hope we don't go through that again!
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Ok I just came in to try to get it going. Either me or it is losing our mind and I am not sure which one it is. But anyway I chose 83W my true south on the ASC1 to manually move it so I could do a global reset and low and behold it went to 83 by itself. Checked other sats and all are back in correct location.
Never mind moved one more time after my last post and it started doing it again. No matter what sat I pick the position stays the same and it doesn't move. Time to take it back to the garage and reload the sat list and see what happens.
Something got corrupted after the power flicker, took a double flash to get it right again but all is well. From now on I am going to use the power button when not in use. I am bad about leaving it on till next time I need it which might be days.
Great news about the recovery! I have had electronics do wonky things if the power browns out or flickers during the device rebooting.

I leave the bench unit ASC1 on 24/7 for almost three years now! I try to run all the shop electronics on UPC units, so power outages and glitches are usually not a problem. Trying to make this as satellite system as bullet-proof as possible as I like to access the system from the road. We will be traveling next year and want to have access to American TV (my BUD) while abroad. :)
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I gave up on UPS units. I didn't care about backup power, and the beeping and the battery replacements. i just wanted the spike control. I bought a bunch of voltage regulators. LOVE EM and use them on all my nests of electronics.

The UPS devices are OK for brownouts and short term power outages (<5 minutes). But if the power outages last beyond the UPS capability to supply backup power it usually results in the battery being so badly discharged that you have to replace it. That's been my experience. I still have several UPS devices but I only use the surge protected side of them - I won't waste any more money on batteries.
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The building has an automatic back-up generator for select outlets, but the switch has caused some problems with electronics. Since I have a server, WifI point to point, IP phones, etc., use the UPS just to get through the switch-over and brown-outs. Wish I could get away from UPS units, but unfortunately, I seem to be destined to buy new UPS batteries every 3 or 4 years. :(
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