AT&T Expands Gigabit Service in Five Markets

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Dec 3, 2003
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In the hopes of piggybacking on Comcast's recent gigabit announcement, AT&T says it has expanded availability of its own "Gigapower" gigabit offerings in five markets. The full AT&T announcement indicates that the company has expanded its gigabit reach further into portions of Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and San Antonio.

As is traditionally AT&T's practice, most of these deployments will be made available to high-end housing developments, and the company isn't specifically stating just how many customers are actually able to get the service.

"This investment in some of the fastest Internet speeds available will help small businesses compete in a modern economy and offers residential customers the high-speed connectivity so many people are demanding today," says AT&T of its continued gigabit expansion.

Pricing for the service depends heavily on whether AT&T sees Google Fiber or municipal broadband competition in a launch market. If Google Fiber is present, AT&T's Gigapower pricing usually starts at $70 a month (plus fees) for symmetrical gigabit service. That pricing will jump to $110 a month if Google Fiber isn't around to generate additional competition.

Users can check for gigabit availability in their neck of the woods over at the AT&T U-Verse website.

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