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May 23, 2005
I decided today was the day to tweak the AT9 and get rid of the older SATB/SATC lnb.

Just to see how I would fare, and my typical anal self, I made careful notes of all signals off the 101/110/119 Birds on all D* Transponders on my very old DTC-100 as well as the H20.

I then connected everything up to the AT9 and took signal readings. Some were higher, some were lower.

Then I went on to put in a Zinwell SW68 I had purchased with the AT9 back in November for some unknown reason (futureproofing?).

The Zinwell switch, unlike the older D* Switch is not powered. Thus, I was hesitant to install it assuming i would loose some gain in the process.

Much to my surprise, after I took the readings with the Zinwell switch inline, 85% of my signals were EITHER THE SAME OR HIGHER THAN WITHOUT THE SWITCH:confused:

For example, on the 2 transponders that I currently receive on the Ka Bird 103, without the switch the signal was 91. With the switch, the signal is 100!

Now that is the most extreme example and as I stated on most Ku transponders, 85% were either the same or a point or 2 higher.

So I am really confused. How am I experiencing no loss - and even gains on a MultiSwitch that is passive in nature?

This seem to break all the laws of physics.


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Sep 3, 2004
I don't think the WB68 multiswitch is passive, it's just not externally powered. It does take power from the receivers its connected to.
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