AT9 Installed...observations

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SatelliteGuys Pro
Sep 14, 2005
My garage roof was replaced today, so down went the Phase III and up went the AT9.


--This dish is big, but doesn't seem to be the monstrosity I thought it would be. Actually, I am surprised that I like the looks of this thing, but I do.

--The aim is more to the south than the Phase III, which skewed more to the southwest.

--I am getting a few transponders on the 99 bird showing life. No programming here in Motown from it, but a bit of life nonetheless. 103 is definetely live.

--Monopoles a must. Being as this dish is on a roof (35 feet behind the house on the garage) and up in the air, the monopoles are needed to keep this thing solid. The mast is quite high.

--MPEG4 local HD stations take a second or two to tune in, but look every bit as good as the OTA ones I am pulling in with the antenna.

--A friend of mine had a good sat meter and it wasn't too difficult to get the peak readings and then to fine tune it, especially for the Ka portion.

Now, we shall see how this thing holds up. Its exposed to the wind coming out of the west, so it'll be interesting to see if it holds its alignment.

I'll report back in with pro's and con's...
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