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May 29, 2004
:eek: Back in Cincinnati,where I live.There is a plague of millions upon millions of insects called Cicadas.They come every 17 years up from the soil to mate and there mating call is as loud as 100 decibles.They have red eyes,clawed feet and can fly.Every time they're quiet,it's because they have jumped from tree to tree or they're sleeping.Luckily they only stay for 6 weeks and then they die or just leave.
This comes to my question.I own Time Warner Cable at the moment and am planning on getting voom shortly.If it's true of what I've heard about satellite dishes,then they're sensetive to rain and strong winds.If thats true,then wouldn't thousands of red eyed demon bugs affect the satellite's signal strength also.Damb these cicadas to hell. :eek:


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Mar 4, 2004
Very funny, but alas it's doubtful that these monsters would affect your satellite. Just don't mount your dish on or near any trees and you'll be safe.......oh and by the way, how many of these little buggers have you munched on....i hear they are good deep fried. :D

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