Augusta National in HD!!!


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Dec 16, 2003
What a suprise...thanks Dish....I left the fishing pond early yesterday, pissing off some old go home and watch the Masters on USA network at 4 pm Eastern......

I turned it on on my trusty 501 and proceeded to check the 811 and HDEvent channel.....

Lo and Behold....Augusta National in all her glory! Wow, what a beautiful golf course that is in HD....must be just like being there. I constantly flipped back and forth back and forth yelling at my wife "look at the difference, look at the difference, what a picture..holy crap!"

She of course thought I was usual.

Anyway, thank you E* for the Masters in going home even earlier today...luckily the snow is coming and there won't be any old guys to piss off.
I got home in time for the rain delay but I would agree, what a picture. I do the same thing with my wife. She says I just cant see a difference. Of course my reply " you must be blind , go in there and finish supper"! :D
My wife actually agrees that there is a difference...not sure if it is because she really sees it or just to shut me up. But how could you not see a difference yesterday....the SD was unwatchable compared to the HD...the reason I know is because everytime they switched from the live feed to the 2003 masters replay..i got black bars and switched back to SD.......paranoid of getting burn in.
I did the same thing. Mine is more that I am so used to the screen being filled that it drives me crazy to watch it the other way. I love that you are able to see all the hills and the breaks on the green. Some of those greens are 10 feet or so of drop and you wouldnt know if you watched it any other way than HD. Ive gone a couple of times and it it as close to being there is there ever was.
WOW! I want to go there some day....the hallowed grounds of Augusta National.

someday......good time of the year to be in GA too right? Not too hot, not too humid....another trip needs to get planned.
I know I'm probably dreaming but is Dish planning on showing this in HD for the weekend on HDEvent????????????

I'd check my guide but thats a whole different story.........
According to TitanTV, CBS OTA in Dallas will be showing it in HD tomorrow and Sunday.
What satellite is the HDevent channel on. 9466 just gives me a message that "this is a special event which is not available for purchase. For further information press the "info" button."

When I press info it says " no desription for this event"
You cant tune to the HD Events channel unless an event is running. Today the Masters was on from 2pm to 5pm CDT.
Dish Screws Up Masters Telecast

I was very happy that Dish was showing the Masters on HD also but then they screwed up royally. On Thursday because of the rain delay, USA network carried the Masters until 8:00 EDT. The special events channel went blank at 6:30 EDT. No HD for the last 1 1/2 hours. Then on Friday, I get home at 4:30 EDT and they have the Event channel as PPV. Then later on it becomes free again. Then they start having so many problems with the broadcast that I have to switch back to USA. Thank God it is on CBS OTA today and Sunday. What gives with all the problems. Wiggy :confused:
Yeah they had problems, but I was able to watch it on CBS OTA, so it was no biggie for me
Yes, USA/CBS had problems with the HD feed but it was fun to hear the banter and talk from the commentators when they were not live. Gave me a taste of what the BUD guys get.

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