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Aug 28, 2006
Austin, TX
Any updates on the MPEG 4 channels? Are they fully operational? Have they added NBC or the CW yet?
ryanm86 said:
Any updates on the MPEG 4 channels? Are they fully operational? Have they added NBC or the CW yet?

What do you mean "fully operational"? No, they have not added NBC or the CW. Based on activity in other cities I wouldn't count on NBC for awhile and D* hasn't shown to be in a rush to add any addional HD LIL channels outside the big four and maybe a RSN.

I can say that CBS and ABC are still showing the "8MM" problem and to me are not watchable at this time. It's been reported that D* is slowly fixing this problem, but if they knew what the problem is I don't know why D* didn't apply the fix in Austin before turning them up.
From KXAN:


I am as confused as you at the moment. We have had a longstanding agreement with DirecTV and I fully expected we would be offered with the other local HD stations. I am being told that somewhere in the corporate someone needs to sign something and we are pestering our mothership relentlessly to get to the bottom of this. I assure you this is my priority right now and we should be available very soon.

| Mark Dunham | KXAN/KXAM/KNVA |
| Chief Engineer |

Dunno if that means anything, though.
And as an FYI, I wrote D* about the frame rate (8mm) problem on 24 and 42 (7 looks good) and got this response:

Thank you for writing. I'm so sorry you're getting these problems on your local channels in HD and I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We're escalating these problems to the Broadcast Center and the Center is working directly with the stations to get it resolved. They are aware of the problem in general, but are collecting more details on it

I hope they get this fixed quickly since I find these two stations unwatchable, especially for any sports programming.
Well at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have already missed two shows due to antenna signal problems. If I get another one of those looks from my wife when a show doesn't record completely I may have to do something drastic.
any updates??? I am dying here, I forgot to increase the amplifier on the antenna and I screwed up Gilmore girls, I fear my wife may be plotting my murder.
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