AZBOX AzBox miniMe American edition version 1.56 firmware

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Aug 7, 2007
As part of our continuing support for AzBox receivers in the North American market, we are pleased to release version 1.56 firmware for the miniMe American Edition.

This new version includes the following enhancements:

- Fixed issue locking low symbol rate transponders.
- Resolved issue where audio would cut out after viewing the same channel for a few hours.
- Improved channel change speed when there is no EPG information available.
- Changed default minimum symbol rate value on blindscan from 1000 to 2000 in order to increase blindscan speed when using default parameters.
- Fixed default blindscan range on a satellite set as Standard 10600 with 22KHz set to on.
- Fixed information display of transponders found during blindscan
- Changed Longitude hemisphere default to West
- Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Available for download now via the Internet update function of the receiver or download via our support page to install using your USB flash drive.

In order to ensure a proper update, we strongly recommend saving an image backup of your settings first on a USB stick and answering NO when the system asks if you want to preserve user settings. You may then restore your settings again after you have successfully upgraded to the new firmware version.

Best regards,

AzBox Canada & US