Bandwidth Saving with DirecTV Stream STB


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Aug 22, 2014
I tried to look for this reading through the manuals online for the DirecTV Stream STB, but couldn't find anything. Probably means that it doesn't have it, but I thought I'd ask here.

I know my Roku device has a Bandwidth Saver that functions to automatically turn itself off if I haven't fiddled with the remote within the past X number hours. Does the DirecTV Stream STB have a similar function? Or even perhaps an auto shutdown at a specific time?

I'm kind of worried that I may forget to turn it off and leave it streaming all night. It'd be nice if it at least automatically turned off after X number of hours or at a specific time - at least it wouldn't stay streaming all night.

I suppose I could get a switch timer and plug the STB up to that and have it drop power at a specific time. Not sure how wise that would be though.
Yes it does. If you click the House button on the remote, arrow over to settings, then select system, then display, then power savings. Make sure it's on. When selected on it says Your device will go to sleep mode after four (4) hours of inactivity.
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