Genie Problem?


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Aug 30, 2009
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Two weeks ago, I replaced an old HR24 with a Genie Mini and linked it to my existing HR44-200. All was good for the first week but now a problem has developed while watching recordings on the Genie. The recording will suddenly stop and a screen will be displayed which reads "DirecTV is waiting for the receiver signal. " A few seconds later the Genie switches to live TV instead of the recording. The recording can be restarted but a short time later the problem occurs again.

Before I contact DirecTV, I'm wondering if this is a known problem and what might be causing it. Any help would be appreciated.
Just a guess, but it sounds like a bad connection somewhere. Is this while watching through the client or directly from the Genie?
It's when watching a recording through the small Mini Receiver. It just happened again a few minutes ago.
Try watching through the Genie. If it only happens through the client it's likely an issue with the client or the connections to the Genie. Have you checked those connections?

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