Bar Rescue


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Sep 20, 2005
Google might help!


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Dec 5, 2014
You can buy episodes for $3 each on Amazon.

If Bar Rescue were to show up on any streaming service it would be whatever CBS calls theirs.

I'll save you some money, here ya go:
Bar is failing (show is used a publicity stunt to attract new business)
Producers tell owner(s) how much to say they're in debt
Fake conflict created
Jon yells and throws things
Stress test; Jon yells some more, experts dump drinks and throw food out
There's a heartwarming moment with tears
Bar is relaunched
Bar closes or is sold before episode airs

No joke, literally half of the bars featured on the show are either out of business or have been sold.
83 have closed/10 have been sold & 94 remain open.

The show was a novelty concept when it first started, but like all of these fake shows you can see how much is played up for the camera. If there is one more episode like The Bottom's Up episode from last month I'm gone. That was absolutely disgusting, growing up on my grandfather's farm, every farm animal I've ever encountered had more class then those swine. Even if it was played up for the camera, that trash doesn't belong on TV.


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Aug 30, 2008
North Carolina
Before bar rescue there was a similar show for restaurants but it was low drama and actually informative so it got terrible ratings, can't remember the name. There was another for retail stores that only lasted one season.

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