Baseball America's 2004 Farm Rankings

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Just got my copy of the BP Prospects 2004 handbook.

Here is their minor leauge system rankings:

1. Milwaukee Brewers - If fans can wait a little bit longer and Brewers can stay the course, major help is on the way.

2. Los Angeles Dodgers - Ownership change has front office in flux, but the farm is loaded with high-ceiling talent.

3. Anaheim Angels - Former scouting director Donny Rowland's drafts will be appreciated long after his departure.

4. Atlanta Braves - It's no accident that Braves' run of high rankings has coincided with division titles.

5. Minnesota Twins - Deep system will graduate its best player, Minor League player of the year, Joe Mauer.

6. Cleveland Indians - Even after sending numerous players to the big leagues last year, system still has depth.

7. Chicago Cubs - Big league success came sooner than expected, and now young talent will build on it.

8. Toronto Blue Jays - Competing on a budget in the American League East is easier with this kind of talent.

9. Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Premium prospects at the top of the organization take a back seat to no one.

10. New York Mets - Signing of Kaz Matsui highlights a system on the upswing.

11. Pittsburgh Pirates
12. Seattle Mariners
13. Arizona Diamondbacks
14. Florida Marlins
15. Colorado Rockies
16. Texas Rangers
17. Oakland Athletics
18. Baltimore Orioles
19. Kansas City Royals
20. Chicago White Sox
21. Philadelphia Phillies
22. Detroit Tigers
23. Boston Red Sox
24. San Fransisco Giants
25. San Diego Padres
26. Cincinatti Reds
27. New York Yankees
28. St. Louis Cardinals
29. Houston Astros
30. Montreal Expos
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