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Apr 17, 2006
Newba questions I guess, but I have been reading the forum and I still got those question to ask :)

What's the difference between C-band and KU band ?

I read about painting a dish. Why would the paint color changes anything?

Is it easy to set-up a motor on a dish ? (got a 3 lnb direct tv dish on a coolsat 6000) ?

And my last question would be, where would be the best place to learn about coolsat. I like to know how things are working in electronnics. I never hacked anything, but i like to have a global idea of how things work. Maybe someday i'll design my own receiver :) I got the skills for it!



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Nov 5, 2003
What is C-Band?

What is KU Band?

The color of the paint does not matter too much, all that matters is that its not metalic paint. Good idea not to use Gloss paint!

You will not get a lot using a DirecTV dish, I would say there is very little point to motorize this dish, you need at least a 30" dish and linear KU LNBF.

What you can get with a DirecTV dish and LNB.........
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