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Jan 9, 2008
San Jose, CA
Here is the full lineup for July 20th with date and times.... Let's hope Dish adds this channel when it launches...:D:up



Experience BBC AMERICA programs in HD, starting July 20th with an extraordinary week of sci-fi premieres.

If you want BBC America HD, call your local TV service provider.

Torchwood: Children of Earth Premieres Monday, July 20th at 9/8c.
In one epic story told over five nights, the Torchwood team must face their fiercest threat to date. > VISIT THE SITE

Primeval Season Finale, Saturday, July 25th
at 8/7c.
Will the Primeval team outsmart their predators - both beasts and human? > VISIT THE SITE

Being Human Premieres Saturday, July 25th
at 9/8c.
A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost share an apartment while struggling to live normal lives. Website coming soon.

Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead Premieres Sunday, July 26th at 8/7c.
Don't miss the first of four final adventures with David Tennant's Timelord. > VISIT THE SITE

Top Gear Enter a world where man, machine, and mayhem meet. Sit back, strap in, and enjoy the shameless buffoonery of Top Gear. > VISIT THE SITE

Robin Hood Season Three sees Robin and his swashbuckling Outlaws forced to make huge sacrifices for the good of Nottingham. > VISIT THE SITE

Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Before he conquered the U.S., Gordon battled the horrors lurking in restaurants across the UK. > VISIT THE SITE

The Graham Norton Show Great guests, great stories, great characters. All this, and Graham Norton, too. > VISIT THE SITE
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DVR Addict~Mad Scientist
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Mar 16, 2004
Satsuma, AL
Great synopsis!

BTW, the shortened url for your post is, generated when I twittered it to @dishnetwork, anybody else who wants to do the same is welcome to this url, every little bit helps!
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SatelliteGuys Master
Sep 30, 2006
Great High Plains
In negotiations

In negotiations could mean that we could get it since it is nearly a month from now. Damn that means that I may have to drop my beloved HD Absolute package.


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Apr 9, 2009
+3 on Top Gear. This is where my DVR earns its pay. They're a breeze to watch without commercials. That show would be sweet in HD.

Unfortunately, us licence fee payers don't seem to be getting Top Gear in HD (the series started last Sunday, and usually shows are simulcast on an SD channel plus BBC HD. There doesn't appear to be any plans in the future either).
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