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Feb 1, 2004
Canton OH USA
nrholland said:
Any new developments as to when we can expect to see BBC World on our DBS soon?


I keep searching hither, thither and yon for more information but haven't learned anything new other than it's available and some cable companies are getting it.
....even sent a couple of inquiries to Discovery group, the distributor but no one has responded. A person I know who works for BBC here in the US has also promised to let me know if/when he hears anything but as of today I've heard nothing new from him. I suggest all of us interested in BBCW keep bombarding the DBS companies with requests for the channel in the meantime.


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Nov 13, 2003
Tampa Bay Area
If you look at Cablevision's lineup in NYC, you will see that BBC World is available there now. So it is available in the U.S. Now let us let Directv know about it.


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Jul 8, 2005
IMHO at first I thought BBC World would be good when I went up to digital cable...but then it had less to really watch. They haven't shown Trailer Park Boys in quite some time...Little britian is kinda rare...I grow tired of old Benny Hill and Monty Python....then again it isn't the only channel that grows lacking compaired to years prior. Sci fi channel was really good till around the late 90's...


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Sep 4, 2005
El Dorado Hills, CA Nr Sacramento
Are you confusing BBC america with BBC world ?
BBC america has all these ancient programs on it. There's so much better comedy than some of these 40 year old series.
I Know PBS here has bbc world news in the evening but not sure what is on the rest of bbc world

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Feb 15, 2004
gbjbany said:
Are you confusing BBC america with BBC world ?

BBC World has news on for first half of the hour; followed by a 26 minute or 2 X 13 minute programs. Most of the programs are shown worldwide, but some are only for Asia or Canada.

Click I.T. program is very informative. The Doha Reports (usually on Sundays) show is something not seen on TV in North America - a debate on a current topic by intelligent people from all around the world holding diverse views.

Many of the shows come from the main Domestic BBC channel so there may be only 3 or 6 episodes. Their car show (name escapes me) is really zany and has the largest auto viewership in the world. They take no prisoners with their reviews.

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Feb 11, 2005
BBC World has apparently launched in the U.S.


The BBC World News channel started broadcasting in the US at the end of April, but its official launch [on 1 June] coincided with the unveiling of a $1 million billboard campaign in New York to promote the service to new viewers.

At present only subscribers of New York's digital cable network, the Cablevision Systems Corporation, can view the channel, but the BBC is in talks with other US cable companies in an attempt to widen distribution.

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