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Jun 7, 2004
Bit of a newbie here so I apologize if this has already been answered. I'm using a Bell Dish to receive Dish Network, what should my skew be set at?
Mookie -- Dish will work fine. Your skew is a function of your location. Look up the skew setting for a E* dish, and use that.

Skew HELP!

I have. And it gives me everything but the skew. People have told me to just keep it level, to point it towards the horizon, etc., etc.. I'm feeling rather dense.I have every other number but the skew. Someone at BEV said it actually doesn't matter. So many conflicting answers. I'm in Hamilton ON Canada if that helps anyone help me.

Thanx in advance.
Yes, it DOES matter. A LOT. You've got to tell your receiver (what kind is it?) that you've got a Dish 500. All the numbers will change.

Give us your zip code - someone will help. Oh - you're in Canada. Didn't know you were allowed to have Dish up there.
New info

I was told something new last night. Some told me that if I'm only gettting the 119 that I should just point the LNB arm towards the horizon with it straight.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? HEEEEELLLLPPPPP!

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