Besides the Mets in NL, are all the others lame ducks?

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Don't get me started on the NL West --- every team there stinks and I do not expect anyone who comes out of that to do anything. The WC is pathetic and the only decent team in the Central --- the Cardinals are looking more like lame ducks.

Put the White Sox with a current 87 wins in the NL central and they will be leading instead of being eliminated for the playoffs.

Put the AL Angels or Texas in the NL West and they will competing for a playoff spot or at top of the division.

Put the White Sox, Red Sox, LA Angels, & Toronto in the NL and they all will be ahead of the current WC leader in the NL.

How pathetic is the NL this year? Very pathetic.
Suppose the season ends with SD, LA and Philly all having the same record.

LA and SD have a one-game playoff to decide who is the NL West champ.

Who gets the wild card?

Edit: I found the answer on the ESPN website.
If San Diego, Los Angeles and Philadelphia finish the season with the same winning percentage, the games will be played as follows:
• San Diego and Los Angeles would play Monday in Los Angeles to determine the NL West champion.
• The loser of the Padres-Dodgers game would then travel to Philadelphia to play the Phillies on Tuesday for the NL wild-card berth.
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