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according to here is a list of the top ten bargain players:

Tayshaun Prince Detroit Pistons $971,160
Brian Cardinal Golden State Warriors $663,679
Mike James Boston Celtics $638,679
Ronald Murray Seattle Sonics $563,679
Udonis Haslem Miami Heat $366,931
Dan Gadzuric Milwaukee Bucks $563,679
Mark Blount Boston Celtics $950,000
Kendall Gill Chicago Bulls $1,070,000
Raul Lopez Utah Jazz $776,900
Jamal Crawford Chicago Bulls $2,578,000

Do you agree with the list??? who would you add or take out??? Lets say all this players were put together for a team and you get to choose two more player to form a complete bargain team, with a great coach (Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, Flip Saunders, Jerry Sloan) do you believe they would be able to go against any other team in the NBA and would they succeed on it???

Here is my take:

The list is good but could be better, some names that I would like to add are Carlos Boozer ($ 563,679) and Zach Randolph ($ 1,172,000) and one that could also make the list but is questianable is Gary Trent ($ 938,679). All this players are putting great numbers and are great bargains. The ones I question are Dan Gadzuric and Mark Blount, I know they are doing pretty good with their teams but they left out Zach, who is putting all-star numbers, for Dan who should be doing better especially in that Bucks team.

Could they challange any team in the NBA? ofcourse but doesnt mean they will beat them, but if you put Jerry Sloan he will take everything out of every little player and make the most of it. Put Phil Jackson and he will work the triangle offense around players like Ronald Murray and Jamal Crawford. Put Phil Saunders and will make them better than they really are.

So whats you take on this!!!
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