BEST INSTALL EVER, plus future predictions for Dish from my tech


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Nov 30, 2011
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This afternoon, corporate tech Parker came and set up my Wally. He was very appreciative that I had almost everything ready for him. DPP dish on the roof shared with my neighbor worked fine; I had the line ran and ready to go.

Parker said he had been told by his management that the future of Dish Network is "all wireless." I asked him if this meant Charlie's 5G plans and he said he didn't know.

It all adds up for me. Dish is planning to use its 5G spectrum to push video to future customers.

BTW, software updates took FOREVER. This is not good for techs, who need to get to their next jobs.

The tech was a really nice guy and it was probably the best experience I've had with Dish thus far.
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Wouldn't that require a lot of transmitters across the country, basically cell towers? Heck, cell phones have been out for decades now and there's still areas with no coverage.

Yes. And that must be the hold card Charlie is hiding. He must know something we don’t.
5G with SlingTV will become DISH standard for Urban dwellers,
as 5G will become the most cost effect Urban communcation modality.

There is a certain Rural segment which will still require satelite service,
And Rural customers will pay what they have to pay if they want it.
Because nithing else available.

DISH is position(ing) to service BOTH segments.

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If T mobile gets sprint there is going to be a lot of towers available .Charlie can use the tower space add some new equipment and start selling DishEverywhere . 5g service and tv plus IoT.
I think the tech misunderstood what he was told. "The future of Dish is all wireless" sounds to me like Dish plans to launch mobile phone and internet services. There's no benefit to delivering video over 5G vs the current satellite method. On the other hand, satellite delivery has a very important advantage over 5G, it's available everywhere. Unlike 5G, 4G, 3G. Also, the 5G bandwidth that would be used up for video delivery, would be better used for internet both from a practical standpoint and a business one. Building a nationwide 5G network capable of delivering video will be very expensive. Doing that just to replicate the capability Dish already has doesn't make sense. But I can imagine satellite TV and 5G internet bundles and mobile phone service bundled with satellite TV at home and streaming TV on your mobile device.
Just my opinion.
Dish is partnering with Sprint. Several offices are piloting a program to sell Sprint cell service
Sounds like the Hopper 4 will have built in 5g . You still can use the satellite but you now have internet service to stream and surf . It would be nice to have built in WiFi and phone. Imagine if Dish can give you a triple play. ( Except for Connecticut )
Would we be able to get Verizon thru the Hopper 4? I sure don't want Sprint.
If the T-Mobile deal goes through, that might make the choice a bit better. I'd rather see it unlocked and carrier neutral, though that's unlikely.
I hope it isn't like the built in Sling. I don't think it has ever worked 100% smoothly. You can't beat the external attached Slingbox. Never no issues and has more capability. The Hopper with built in cell phone scares me.

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