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May 1, 2009
We just got a Sony 46" Bravia 1080P tv,but now I find out from the dealer(and Shaw) that Shaw HD is capable of 1080i,but is only 720p.

Is Bell 1080i?

They certainly have more HD(sadly not History,or Speed HD yet.I'm not a rapid fan of either channel,but I do watch them sometimes)...

My neighbor has Bell and was really raving about Rush,Equator and Treasure HD and showing me them.

On another note,I'm going to replace my rusty Archer 4 bay bow tie with probably the Clearvision C5,or a ch. 7-13 antenna aimed SSE to Rochester,NY and was thinking of the Ebay knockoff of the Antenna Direct DB8 -8 Bay bowtie...has a 45 deg. reception radius....want Ch. 21 -WXXI-PBS,Rochester,NY -SSE + TVO ch. 18(Harwood,ON on Rice Lake) and Global on ch. 27,just north of Cobourg at Coldsprings...

I want to see some uncompressed 1080i AND have a backup.

I figure if I jump the Bell TV,it's better rent,so as to not get stuck with Install costs,etc.

Any thoughts?
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Feb 15, 2004
Most Shaw HD feeds are 1080i (1080 X 1920)

Bell reduces most of their feeds to 720p (720 X 1240)

You can get a Shaw HD system for $25 (dish installation included) in Ontario from a Shaw Direct door to door sales rep. Perhaps someone on this forum can PM the phone of a rep.
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