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Jun 2, 2012
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What a load of manure...Its a safe bet that if ESPN didnt have that MNF cash cow on their schedule, no one wouldve cared..
The dude's paid to give his opinion (just as long as ESPN agrees with it). Guess his rant was a hit w/ the commissioner's office.

Cheers, K

PS- Goodell's, you're not a non-profit org..
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Feb 27, 2004
I can't stand this guy. He can be VERY unprofessional.

I think he's a douche. I get this from people, he's the "Boston sports guy" "he's a fan of the same teams you are". No, Bill Simmons is a fan of Bill Simmons. He doesn't speak for us, we have our own opinions.

He did this on purpose, he knew what was going to happen. Let's see if he follows through to "go public". I doubt it. He accomplished what he wanted to by making this about him, like always.

Anyone remember last year when the Spurs won the NBA championship and he made the post game all about him? That's typical Bill Simmons.

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Oct 13, 2005
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Be careful what you ask for ESPN. Give a guy his own sister site to have an opinion and use salty language while doing it, what do you expect??

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