Birdog USB Plus locking on both Bell 82 & 91 simultaneously.


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Oct 17, 2017
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Recently bought a pre-owned Birdog meter and a 34" FTA dish and new Invacom QPH-031 LNB. We RV in the US and I wanted to find out how far south down I can get and a few days ago was able to get an excellent signal while down near the WA/OR border. Problem is, the meter says I found both 82 & 91 but the receiver only says I am on 82 or 91 (depending on which bird I am aimed at). Doesn't seem to matter if I'm connected to CR or CL on the LNB.

Reading up on the Invacom LNB, it says it is a unique design capable of receiving two satellite signals but surely they don't mean two Ku band signals like 82 & 91? Am I having an issue with the Birdog, is it not configured quite right or is it anything to do with the LNB?

While so far the meter works fine for peaking a signal, the problem is I can't tell what satellite I've got unless I turn on the TV & receiver and run back and forth from RV to dish to see what I'm locked onto.

Also wondering why the downloads from Birdog are BL Nimiq-4 82 and BR Nimiq-4 82 and also BL Nimiq-1 91 and BR Nimiq-1 91. What does "BL" and "BR" mean and does it matter? Am also wondering why the new Nimiq-6 satellite isn't listed for 91 - does the older Nimiq-1 file work fine?

Afraid I'm new to satellite stuff...



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Apr 19, 2007
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The QPH-031 is a special lnbf that will pick up circular satellites when connected to the CR or CL ports. It will also pick up linear satellites when connected to the LH or LV. It picks both satellites at the same orbital position, ie if you aim the dish at the nimiq satellite at 91w with the circular ports the linear ports wound recieved the signals from galaxy 17 at 91w.

I don't have a birddog meter so I can't help you with that. By the way the bell receiver won't work with the linear ports, but if you do get to far south to get Bell, you could connect a FTA receiver to the linear ports and get a few channels on your dish.

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