Bizarre Coincidence?


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Sep 14, 2003
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I have Hopper with Sling

Yesterday ~1300, I received a call from 866-668-8047 that my caller ID indicated was DISH Net. The person on the other end said they noticed I was experiencing frequent signal loss and then asked if I was having issues. I told her that I wasn't. She said, "Okay, thank you, well, if you have issues, feel free to call us back at 800-333-3474, and we'll arrange for a service technician to evaluate and repair you system."

After a little search I see the 866 number is probably a telemarketer. However, the number she gave me to call should I have issues is the legitimate DISH Network number. I imagine if I had told her I was having frequent signal loss, the script would have descended to a more nefarious level. I just blew it off, but I did do a quick diagnostic to confirm that there were no dial ins, signal losses or other issues and these were all listed as "0".

However, this morning, when I turned on the TV, this is what I saw:


It initially looked like a factory reset, but my DVR recordings were still there as were my timers and satellite configuration.

However, the following things were changed:
  • Color scheme was "Classic" whereas I previously had it at "Modern"
  • Guide format was descending instead of ascending
  • Favorites list was gone
  • TV resolution defaulted at 480p
  • Network was gone
  • Personalized Hopper name was gone
  • OTA channels gone
There were probably other things that I just fixed without thinking.

So, I'm assuming the call the night before this was coincidental, but bizarre nonetheless.

The software version, as you can see in the pic is U249. I have no idea what the previous version was or if this was even the result of an upgrade.

Anyone know what happened?
Well now that you mention it, I'd put a "save settings" option at the top of the wish list.

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The reset looks like what would happen if you re-did the Installation Wizard. (While you are on the Diagnostics screen, press the Info button, followed by the Recall button.) This is a way to force a software upgrade, but it also returns most Settings to the defaults. It is possible that somebody could have hacked into your receiver to do that remotely. (Tinfoil hat time!)
Not a coincidence. Your receiver was reporting errors over the internet more accurately than in person. They do make those calls.. I would schedule an appointment or do a little more diagnostic. The reset is weird, however.
Yep, STBH - Set Top Box Health. It's part of why we need to connect the hoppers to the internet
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Do you have anything that would block your dish for a few seconds? Tree branch or leaves? I had that issue last year, and where I lost signal for no more than 5 seconds at a time, I didn't fix it before going on vacation. While on a beach, Dish called me. I knew exactly what it was.
I got the call (maybe more than once) a few months before my receiver started acting up. Turns out the tuner was going bad and I ended up needing a replacement. I'd call Dish back and find out what is going on.

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