Black screen, have audio


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Aug 19, 2023
Recently screen goes black, audio says on, if I let it sit it comes back. Then goes out again. If I turn it off for a bit, it comes back. Dish said get new HDMI cable. No change. The joey is fine. A Tech came out stayed 2mins and said his equipment never does that, it's my TV. Never touched a thing. But last night I watched REELZ for over 3 hours and it was fine. On REELZ for 90 mins tonight and it's fine. What's up? My late husband was a broadcast engineer for 30 years. Encluding a few at EchoStar unlink. I'm a bit lost & tech impaired, but I'm trying. Help.
Is it a Vizio TV? I've had many customers with vizios that the back lighting goes out and back on and after a few weeks just never comes back on. You can also tell if it's the TV back lighting by shining a light on the TV and see if you can see a picture.
Just curious but what is wrong the using the ARC input? Always something to learn.
Ultimately, nothing, other than using the input where you would connect your audio receiver, except in the case of these hopper pluses, and Joey fours, we’re seeing a lot of black screen issues when connected to the arc input.