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Sep 8, 2003
Eastern Connecticut
Someday in the future, home viewers will be able to:

Watch any game of any team at any time
Watch any station from any place at any time
Decide which carrier of a sports event to watch (i.e., local, EPSN, etc)

This day will come. We all may be dead, but it will come.

Why do we have to wait so long? "Protecting" the local broadcaster is something that was needed in 1959, not in 2007.

If I grew up in Houston and later moved to Buffalo, and I wanted to still be able to see the Houston local stations, I should be able to PAY and do just that.

If I live in a state "claimed" by a sports franchise, yet my local cable/satellite service does not deliver the games of that franchise to my address/Zip Code, why can't I PAY to see these games, and why are the national games of these teams blacked out?

It's just plain stupid, frustrating, and archaic.

Someday, people will think back and talk about "back then, we couldn't get this channel".....................

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Feb 10, 2005
when the mentality of corporate greed goes away. when is that? don't know, but it's been around since A&E (adam and eve.what did you think i meant) started that joint venture company with the snake

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