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Feb 6, 2006
Cochise County, Arizona
Aside from expected soft picture quality & some macroblocking & artifacts to be expected when trying to fit 1080 rez in mpeg2 WITH uncompressed audio onto a 25GB disc, to use a film print copy of the 5th Element with visable dirt, smudges & hair to do the transfer on your premiere release title????? :eek:

Even though my HDTV & A/V receiver say "Sony" on them, I gotta say - typical Sony arrogrance! :devil:
I read a post from an "insider" on the AVSforum who claims Sony is experiencing a 40% failure rate on the DL 50GB BD, so don't expect them soon. Swallow a little pride Sony, and pay Uncle Bill his licensing fee and use VC1.

Me just glad my high definition DVD player says "Toshiba" and "HD DVD" on it. :up
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Too many cables
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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
Hard to believe they would use such a poor print... Probably did not look bad on a low res dvd... One wonders if anyone looked at the HD copy before making the BR disc?

Probably studio execs thinking they have all the HD already done since they made HD copies when they made the original DVDs...
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Jan 31, 2006
I went to best buy today and they had a display set up. 50 first dates was playing and it looked fine, about the same as hd dvd. But it did seem that the bars on the screen were a little thicker than the ones on my hd dvd player. Maybe im just nuts.
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