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Nov 1, 2013
North Liberty, Indiana
I currently have 25 meg bonded service from centurylink. I have the cable capacity for a second bonded connection (Cat 5 cable from my house to pole). I have a Technicolor C2000T modem with a built in bonder. What would I need to tie two of these modems together to make a 50 meg connection?
A dual-WAN router will load-balance, provide failover, and depending on the router different levels of QoS (e.g.- HTTPS Persistence, per user bandwidth controls, etc.), but all of that is not the same as Bonding. However, I have had great successes using multi-WAN routers and up to 3 different ISP's accomplishing all the goals I needed. I like the Peplink Balace series (medium size capacity), and for smaller uses I use the TP-LINK R470+, which is only about $65!

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