Bright House Statement on MLB Extra Innings


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Apr 14, 2006
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Bright House issued the following press release:

U.S. Senate Commerce Committee to Discuss MLB Extra Innings on March 27: Statement Concerning Availability of the 2007 MLB Extra Innings Digital Sports Package from Bright House Networks


For Immediate Release
3/19/2007 For further information contact:
Brian Craven
Phone: 407/215-5597

Maitland, FL--The U.S. Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing March 27, 2007, on the proposed 2007 offering of Major League Baseball Extra Innings digital sports package, the media reported on Wed., March 14, 2007.

Major League Baseball has announced it has arrived at a seven-year deal in which DirecTV will carry the Major League Baseball Extra Innings digital sports package. The agreement also requires DirecTV to carry the MLB TV channel starting in 2009 on their Standard tier, and involves DirecTV in the development of the channel. Major League Baseball officials have made the same offer and conditions available to other providers through iNDEMAND, which distributes sports packages for the cable industry. An April 1, 2007, deadline has been set for an agreement for any other providers besides DirecTV to sign a deal with Major League Baseball.

The MLB Extra Innings agreement will not affect any of the 2007 MLB regular season games being shown on Major League Baseball’s programming partners, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, and INHD:

Bright House Networks customers who are Major League Baseball fans will have hundreds of games available during the 2007 season on Bright House Networks Basic, Standard, Digital and HDTV channels. As in previous years, MLB games will be shown by a number of programmers, including WGN, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, FOX, PAX, and INHD.ÿ Bright House Networks provides customers with a TV game schedule throughout the season in the Newsroom of the company website,

Since the announcement of the availability of MLB Extra Innings contains a completely different set of conditions than in any of the previous five years in which it has been offered by Bright House Networks and other cable providers, we are just now able to study the specifics of the proposal.

We will monitor the U.S. Senate's March 27 hearing on the MLB Extra Innings deal and continue to make information available as it becomes available to us.


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Sep 12, 2006
So with IN Demand announcing there deal does that mean Brigthouse will have it????????


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Sep 13, 2005
daytona beach
last time i checked they didn't have an updated press release on site...that was about 9 this morning.

ETA: there should be a fre preview on now, jahlight. it will be free through april 8. early bird price is $159.00 through april 15 and then $199.00 for the full season!!!