BuddyTV Headed To Android This June, Your Device Is About To Tell You What To Watch And When (1 Viewer)


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Nov 10, 2004
BuddyTV Headed to Android This June, Your Device is About to Tell You What to Watch and When - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

"It’s an app that has two major uses, but those uses are made up from a bunch of awesome little uses. First, it acts as a replacement to your lineup of TV remotes. Once you give it permission, the BuddyTV app can control everything from your Dish DVR to your Tivo box to your basic cable. Cool, right? Don’t worry though, it doesn’t stop there and goes well beyond just being a universal remote.

The most important part of BuddyTV is the fact that it’s smart enough to tell you what you should be watching and when it’ll be on. It grabs all of your media channels, looks into what you are/were watching, and then starts pumping out ideas of things that you might also enjoy. As you can see in the screenshot up top, the app is pulling from a Netflix account, Dish DVR, and also telling you what’s on in HD that might interest you."

Interesting, wonder if it will support Dish DVRs without GoogleTV?


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