BUG REPORT: 921 display problems


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Feb 3, 2004
Odd thing happened last night while watching/recording last night on my 921. I was watching and recording 'C.S.I' in HD off the OTA tuner and got the clock icon in the lower left hand corner of the screen, notifying me that a timer was about to fire in 5 minutes to record 'ER' on the OTA tuner as well.

As noted in other threads, the actual program information displayed in the on-screen notification said something other than the actual program I was about to record (something like channel 238 and a title i don't recall). When i clicked the 'Select' button to acknowledge the notification's 'OK', my television's display flickered and the on-air signal I was watching re-sized down by roughly 1/6th the original size and moved to the upper left hand corner of the screen.

It is worth noting that I was watching 'C.S.I.' time-shifted and was about 5 minutes behind real-time.

Nothing I did would move the cropped and resized image to its original position full-screen. I tried 'Cancel', 'View TV' - even pulling up the on-screen program guide and returning to the program.

Once I finished viewing the show, I changed channels to Discovery HD and was able to get the full-screen display back *but* - the title bar was now draped across the middle of the screen. Pulling up the program menu or any other on-screen function showed the image dropped to the middle and right of the screen (sorry - forgot to take digital pics).

I soft rebooted the system (held power button down 10 secs) and that corrected any/all issues.

Odd situation and obviously some sort of bug - just thought I'd pass along. Still love the receiver. :)

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