Button hook stuck

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May 8, 2016
N. Colorado
I have been trying to really peak out my 10' Winegard Pinnacle. Getting some night fade and things I could get before I cant now.
The Button Hook is stuck on the back. It looks like they used silicone on the top half but it has rusted tight on the back half I think from sprinklers hitting it.
Should I remove the silicone and shoot some rust penetrant down it?
I might add that when you get it loose, smear some anti-seize between both halves of the button hooks. it will keep it from seizing up again. It doesn't hurt to put some heat shrink tape around the end where the silicone was. It will prevent water from going in there again.
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Some silicone sealers secrete acid when curing. This may have caused the rust on the top of the outer pipe. Propane torch should do the trick, maybe have someone hold the torch while you twist the mast. Remove the silicone and spray with penetrating oil first and let it soak in for a day or two (if you have the patience/time to wait :)) Then the heat might be more effective too if it's still stubborn after that time.
Loosen the muffler clamp on the backside of the dish, then heat the pipe where the silicone is with a propane torch until it's soft. Once you do that, you can probably twist the pipe loose with a pipe wrench
I have a torch in my truck all the time, just for that use, it always was not my original job, seen a lot, even upside down, a lot of dumb people became C-Band dealers, who should have found a different trade, I'm sure you guys are finding some bad jobs
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