C-Band Losses Mount in 2003


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Sep 8, 2003
Las Vegas, Nevada
From our friends at SkyReport.com

As expected, C-Band ended 2003 with a loss of subscribers.

According to Motorola's Access Control Center, the big dish incurred a net loss of viewers totaling more than 13,000 in December. That put C-Band's total subscriber base at 428,362.

C-Band started 2003 with 590,000 subscribers.
My dad has a BUD, and is thinking of going to Dish. One thing which doesn't help C-Band is the announcements he gets every couple months with a list of more channels which are leaving (analog) C-Band.
These channels are apparently available on 4DTV, but you can't get the Sidecar unit anymore, you have to buy an entire receiver.

Just my 2c.
Whyt can't you get the Sidecar unit anymore? Also some keep their C-Band units for the free channels instead of subscribing to the channels. C-Band has become more of a hobbyist item instead of having its main purpose of having it to view an assortment of channels like it used to be used.

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